Whitehaven Coat of Arms

In 1894 the town of Whitehaven adopted their arms, which were not officially granted by the College of Arms.

The arms are based on those of the Lowther family - Or, six annulets three, two and one sable. These arms appear to have been in use since the early 14th century. The crest is a white dragon from the Lowther arms, although the council always called it a griffin.

JaJa Postcard Depicting Whitehaven Coat of Arms
The motto is CONSILIO ABSIT DISCORDIA - Let discord be absent from your deliberations.
  • Or - is the tincture of gold, representing generosity.
  • Sable - denotes constancy.
  • Ringlet -  denotes fidelity.

Whitehaven Coat Of Arms
Whitehaven Coat Of Arms


Whitehaven had been small harbour and fishing village from 13th century or earlier. Expansion began in mid-17th century with building of piers by Lowthers 1632-4 and 1679-81 and granting of market charter 1660. By the 1680s it had grown rapidly, expanding from village of c.30 households in early 17th century to a town of over 1,000 inhabitants by 1685, which more than doubled to 2,281 by 1696. Sir John Lowther had laid out grid of streets by 1680s, making Whitehaven the earliest planned new town in post-medieval Britain.

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